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What would you do if I told you I was lost
What would you do if I asked you for some help
Would you laugh and turn me away
Or would you offer me your hand

When will you see that I really need your help
When will you offer to pull me out
When will you see the pain I feel inside
When will the be lifted from your eyes
So that you will no longer be blind

Today is the last day I will try
If no one helps I will just have to pass them by
Maybe one day they will learn to love
But until then I must be lost

Iím reaching out my hand
Iím reaching out to you
Wonít you help my soul find hope
Wonít you show me where to go

Opened Eyes
Words & Music: Jon Stoops 

Well Iím here in this empty room and its closing in
The things I tried to do myself I wonít do again
I got myself in a jam and Iím paying the price
But I got my self out and Iím doing all right
Well I think Iím ok and I donít need you
And whatever it takes Iíll get me through

When will I learn to call your name 
And ask for your help to get me through
When will I see it takes more than me
And that all I need to do is call upon you

Well the walls are getting closer and Iím getting scared
And I smell the stench of death thats in the air 
I wonít be one of those who has gone and died
So I cry out your name so you can save my life
Oh God come and help I need your hand
I canít do it by myself for I am just a man

The walls have stopped moving Iím on my knees
I thank my God above for I have been freed
The selfish will has gone and and you are there
To help when I need it I just say a prayer
I see everyone who is just like me
Each watching their walls wanting to be freed

When will they learn to call Your name 
And ask for Your help to get them through
When will they see all it takes is Thee 
And that all they need to do is call Your name

Undying Love
Words: Valerie Warstler
Music: Jon Stoops

I escape my enemies death grip
Defeating it with my lovers undying love
With the saving blood just one drip
From the son above

To my lovers undying love
Rest assure his souls above

Nails of pain pierce through the skin
Words of sympathy for others
To my lovers undying love within
Hearing the cries and seeing the shed tears of mothers

Denial from the one that mattered
Unclean in the world of love
The heart destroyed and battered
Failed to deplete my lovers undying love

You Love Me
Words: Megan Susan
Music: Jon Stoops

In the middle of this crowd all screaming oh so loud
I try to speak a word but thereís no way to be heard
But when Iím lost I feel your touch
You simply reach out and take my hand
You lead me to a quite place where I begin to understand

You love me
You love me
When I feel insignificant
You remind me why your son was sent
You love me

I turn my back on you I think I can make it through
But Iíve fallen down again Iím filled with so much sin
But when Iím lost I feel your touch
You simply reach out and take my hand
You lead me to a quite place where I begin to understand

Words & Music: Jon Stoops

You know the act so well
You know just what to say
You play with our minds, you think youíre so smart
But one of these days youíll pay
Everyone sees what you want them to
They donít know how you are
You play the part to fool us all
But I know how you are inside

Youíre not the way you seem to be
Iíve looked inside your heart

Youíre just the kind who plays the part
Of a man with a heavenly goal

The day that they knew, you werenít what you seemed
They all felt so betrayed
They looked at you asking why you had lied
And if you would turn from your ways

You replied I canít do no more
I canít keep up this ugly faÁade
Now youíre the way God wants you to be
Heís healed your broken heart

Everyone saw what you wanted them to
They didnít know how you were
You played the part to fool us all
But I knew how you were inside

Everyone see what you want them to
They might not know how you are
Donít play that part and try to fool us all
Because God know whatís in your heart
God knows whats in your heart YeahÖ.

Words & Music: Jon Stoops

You laugh at me with a sneering face
You drive me from this crooked place
My words you say are full of lies
Youíve broken off all Godly ties

Fire and brimstone fall from your lips
They curse the good and lift the vile
Your friends they laugh and cheer you on
As you curse and strike me Ďtill Iím gone

You never did accept the one 
That I knew to be Gods Son
I prayed and prayed for you to see
But I guess it was never to be

Your final resting days have come
You still curse me with your tongue
As you die I know so well
You will spend eternity in Hell

Fire and brimstone fell from your lips
They cursed the good and lifted the vile
Your friends they laughed and cheered you on
But now theyíre silent since your gone
everyone see what you want them to

Words and Music: Jon Stoops

Wonít you help me understand
Which way to go and where to stand
On these issues of truth
That strive so hard to be broken down

You always tried to make me see
What you were blind to yourself
Thereís still that burning question
Running through my head

Oh cause I wanna know

Will I see you in Heaven
Will you be by my side
Will I see you in Heaven
Or will I sit here and cry

Oh I wish you were here
So I could reach for your hand
So I could look in your eyes
And tell you I love you again

But I know you are gone
And can never return
But thereís still that burning question
Running through my head

Oh cause I need to know

Words and Music: Jon Stoops

Along the road
You sit and wait for you chance
Your chance at life
Your chance at that one great romance
But youíll find 
He wonít do you any good
Thereís never a time
When he gives you all he should

And you had to learn the hard way
Not to trust your earthly heart
And while you could have done it the right way
You had never learned to trust

Along the road 
There your soul lays in shreds
You should have known
That heíd do the things youíd dread
He raped your mind
Of all the things youíd once believed 
And over time
He lost interest and turned to leave

Words and Music: Jon Stoops

You walk away
Can see past the ground your walking on
You look around
Can you see past the trees that sway above you

Many days have come and gone
But they are nothing in the sight of God
For a thousand years is as a day in his eyes

How can we see 
That a God so great could care about you and me
We are small
But God is there to help us through

But our God is greater than any foe
He holds the world together with his hands
And he cares for each and everyone

Words and music: Jon Stoops

So many things have come and gone
So many things have changed
All of these things are of this world
They will never stay the same
And I wonder where the time has gone
Where is that youth I had
That boy in me is come and gone
And heíll never be back

Where has the time
Where has the time
Where has the time gone

And I wonder if itís all the same to you
If I could have some time
To reminisce about the days gone by
And how time has passed me by
And I realize now what I should have known
So many years ago
That I should have served God and my fellow man
And not stayed buried in this hole

Two Children
Words & Music: Jon Stoops

She walks along that narrow path
Not turning not looking back
They donít know and they donít care
She just wants to get out of there

He walks along that crooked path
Not turning not looking back
His friends are there and he wants them to see
Just how cool he can be

Two lost children on their own
They just want to find a home

She turns from that darkened path
She turns around and she goes back
This time sheís gonna do it right
So she doesnít mess up her life

He turns from that crooked path
He turns around and he goes back
His friends wonít call him one of their own
Because he looks to God to find a home

Two lost children found a home
They look toward their heavenly goal

They walk along that straightened path
The walk along and donít look back
They know where theyíre supposed to go
They keep their eyes on their heavenly goal

Music & Words: Dave Turner

Listen to this tale,
From one of the pages in my life,
Itís validity screams in my ear,
Circumstance rang my bell at 11pm that Monday night,
Ĺ bottle down, and gradually working on the rest,
What she wanted most was for her life to end,
A heart paraded as joyous was now confronting me with confusion and pain

Wesley calls out your name,
Momma donít leave me here today,
I want to run, I want to play, 
I want to look back on yesterday.

Such oppression, such ferocity,
Sheís stuck in a present she never wanted,
And living with a past she canít deny,
She canít get the demons off her back,
But if they left, then who would be there,?
Felling unloved, unwanted and hopeless in herself,
What she wishes for the most is a friend,
A soul thatís tormented by feelings of despair,
She thinks now sheíll never be free.

It was about 1:30 when we finally parted our ways,
I was hoping for another morning when I could visit her and wesley,
But I wasnít sure, so I prayed over hoping the demons wouldnít return,
Somehow as I left, it felt like they followed me.

Wesley calls out your name,
Momma we have a place today,
No more grief and no more pain,
Sweet Jesus holds you in his name

Music & Words:
Jon Stoops and Dave Turner 

Itís easy for me to see the truth, 
When you blatantly push it in my face,
Now whether or not I accept this truth,

Is totally at my disgrace.
You walked with me along the crooked path,

In one quick turn you came to attack,
Your forcefulness has caused me to turn away,
Whether I believe depends on what you say,
Your harsh words stir up anger in my heart,
A loving word would make a good start

They donít like the way you push it at them,
They want an easier way to get to Him,
They donít want you on their back all the time,
Let the Lord deal with them in His time.

Someone came and talked to me today,
They used kind words and told me what they had to say,
I sat and listened as they explained to me,
What God really wanted me to be.

I thank the Lord that he saved my soul,
He was the one who came and filled that hole,
And that person who used gentle words,
Let the Spirit speak through what he had learned.

My View of God
Words and Music:
Dave Turner and Jon Stoops 

Sinking in this great big world,
Sinking in this big black hole,
Sinking hoping for a friend,
Sinking looking for help.

They say God is always here,
They say He is always near,
They say He will never leave,
If I only would believe.

Wishing for this hole to fill,
Wishing for someone to love me,
Wishing for some saving grace,
Wishing to see a saviorís face,

Falling to the ground,
Falling on my knees,
Fallin finally seeing,
What God really wants for me,

Seeing that I was wrong,
Seeing that God is here,
Seeing that what I need,
Is just a little humility,

Showers of Love
Words: Tiffany Warstler
Music: Jon Stoops

Itís raining in on my soul
And I can feel your heartbeat
Looking through a stained glass window
I can see the clouds above
But I donít need the sunshine today

And so showers of love still rain on me 
And petals from roses fall and kiss my cheek
The wind carries your whispers softly calling to me
Let it rain, let it pour, let his love fall down on me

Drenched by emotion wet with tears of joy
Dancing it the puddles of overflowing need
The melody of raindrops gently caressing my face
Mixed with the singing grace of your love
The thunder moves within me and my heart opens up

And so showers of love still rain on me
And petals from roses fall and kiss my cheek
The wind carries your whispers softly to me
Let it rain let it pour let his love fall down on me