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10/14/1998 Pittsford High School (Pittsford, Mi) played with Spooky Tuesday
10/31/1998 Pittsford Wesleyan Church Halloween Alternative (Pittsford, Mi)
1/1/1999 New Hope Youth Group (Camden, Mi)
1/23/1999 Idyll Hour (Spring Arbor, Mi)
1/29/1999 Adrian College (Adrian, Mi) 
1/30/1999 Fire Escape (Bryan, Mi) played with Spark
3/5/1999 Rachel Ryder Birthday Party (Monroe, Mi)
3/6/1999 Solid Rock Café (Toledo, Oh)
3/7/1999 Free Methodist Church of Monroe (Monroe, Mi)
4/11/1999 Adrian College (Adrian, Mi)
4/17/1999 New Hope School Benefit (Camden, Mi) played with Sanctus Real and Fresh Brewed
5/7/1999 Camp Michindoh (Peer Listening Conference) (Hillsdale, Mi)
5/14/1999 Crossroads Café (Nappenee, In)
5/22/1999 American Cancer Society Relay For Life (Hillsdale, Mi)
6/12/1999 Solid Rock Café (Toledo, Oh )
6/13/1999 Rachel Ryder Open House (Monroe, Mi)
7/(5-10)/99 Camp Selah (Reading, Mi)
7/30/1999 Java Bean Coffee House (Wyoming, Mi)
8/7/1999 Fire Escape (Bryan, Oh)
8/13/1999 Pioneer Sesquicentennial (Pioneer, Oh)
8/14/1999 Pioneer Church of the Nazarene (Pioneer, Oh) CD release party 
8/21/1999 Jesus '99 (Montpelier, Oh) played with Spark, Fresh Brewed and Manna
8/27/1999 Hillsdale Assembly of God (Jonesville, Mi)
8/28/1999 St. Patrick's Catholic Church (Bryan, Oh)
9/18/1999 Greenville Community Church (Greenville, Mi)
9/23/1999 Solid Rock Café (Traverse City, Mi)
9/24/1999 Java Bean Coffee House (Wyoming, Mi)
10/15/1999 Java Bean Coffee House (Wyoming, Mi)
10/22/1999 The Mighty Bob Coffeehouse (Arcanum, Oh)
10/23/1999 Wheatland Cong. Church (Pittsford, Mi)
10/29/1999 Hillsdale U.B. Church (Hillsdale, Mi)
12/3/1999 The Gathering Coffeehouse (Hillsdale, Mi) Final Show